In an era of constant digital transformation where businesses are increasingly reliant on digital assets and data, the need for robust security solutions has reached critical mass. Zapcom strengthens your digital security, ensuring that your most valuable assets (your data, privacy, and reputation) are protected.


Safeguarding your Digital Front

In today’s ever-changing digital world, Zapcom is your dedicated guardian, safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring your business stays adaptable. Our tailored safety solutions tackle dynamic challenges head-on. 

We excel at creating customized security solutions that enhance risk management, fortify fraud detection, and boost operational efficiency. Our toolkit includes cutting-edge technologies like cloud-based architecture, big data analytics, and AI, strengthening your defenses from threats to fraud. 

Zapcom is your trusted partner in a world of evolving security threats. We provide the tools and insights needed to thrive in the fast-paced digital landscape, prioritizing your security so you can focus on your core business with confidence. 

Key Offerings

Protect what matters most with our Security Solutions. Find out how we can safeguard your digital presence and assets

Data protection and privacy

Zapcom ensures that your data is secure with advanced encryption and data loss prevention (DLP).

Cybersecurity strategy and assessment

Our cybersecurity planning and analysis services cover a comprehensive range of application security, network fortification.

Fraud Detection

We use AI/ML-powered fraud detection solutions, from anti-phishing tools to advanced fraud analysis to prevent cyber fraud.

Threat Detection and Response

Zapcom’s AI/ML-powered threat detection and response methods ensure rapid action against potential threats.

Our Success Stories

Discover the impact of our Security Solutions through case studies that highlight resilience and compliance in the face of security challenges.

Fintech Intelligence

Leading global investment bank, looking at large-scale accurate forecasting for product segments...

AI/NLP Insights

A travel recommendation engine wants to provide Travel Personalization and Review Intelligence solutions...

Streaming Analytics

Leading operator of a two-sided marketplace that matches tractor owners to farmer...

Point of Sale

Leading home services provider in USA with 23 brands, 40 territories, and 4000...


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