Data Protection and Privacy

Zapcom employs cutting-edge measures, including robust encryption and stringent access controls, to form an unbreakable shield around sensitive data, ensuring unwavering compliance and nurturing a realm of trust and safety.

Guarding Trust Through Data Safeguarding

Zapcom implements state-of-the-art encryption, robust access controls, and meticulous compliance frameworks, establishing an impervious fortress around sensitive data. Our unwavering commitment to data protection and privacy ensures full regulatory adherence and fosters an environment of trust and security. Zapcom employs cutting-edge encryption protocols to bolster the security of sensitive data.

Our Capabilities

Data Encryption​

Zapcom ensures end-to-end data security with robust encryption for both stored data and during network transfers through Transport Layer Security.​

Content Scanning​

We conduct continuous scans to identify sensitive data, triggering immediate alerts for proactive prevention of data leaks.​

Policy Enforcement​

Our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system strictly enforces access and sharing policies, limiting data access to authorized users. ​

User Behavior Analysis​

We use advanced analytics for real-time monitoring of user activities, swiftly detecting potential threats and unauthorized access attempts.​

Data Masking and Redaction​

We employ data masking and redaction techniques to protect data during legitimate access, ensuring that only authorized personnel view complete datasets. ​

Endpoint Protection

We extend DLP safeguards to endpoints, including laptops, mobile devices, and servers, ensuring data security beyond your corporate network. ​

Case Study

Explore our company’s success stories and real-world applications through our compelling case studies.

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