Cloud Strategy and Road mapping

Zapcom believes that a robust cloud strategy and road-mapping are keys to unlocking the potential for innovation, agility, and cost-efficiency in the digital world, transforming the way cutting-edge solutions are delivered. 

Empowering Innovation in the Cloud.

In today’s growing digital world, Zapcom believes that robust cloud strategy and road mapping is a significant way for unlocking our potential to inspire, engage, and transform. It can also transform the way cutting-edge solutions are delivered. This approach helps us to leverage the full range of cloud capabilities, facilitating innovation, increasing agility, and making cost-efficiency in line with the commitment to pushing the limits of innovation and delivering exceptional outcomes. 

Our Capabilities

Cloud Adoption Assessment​

We craft cloud solutions by aligning them with all types of business goals also conducting a thorough infrastructure evaluation for the fit.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Integration​

We provide multi-cloud solutions, enhancing flexibility by seamlessly coordinating on-premises and cloud resources.​

DevOps Automation​

Zapcom streamlines your development and deployment processes by utilizing DevOps practices and automation.​

Governance & Management​

Our services establish control, deliver real-time monitoring, and facilitate seamless resource management within the cloud environment. ​

Data Analytics & AI Integration​

We leverage cloud data for insights, enabling data-driven decision-making through analytics and AI.

Continuous Optimization​

Our approach involves dynamically adapting cloud strategies ensuring sustained efficiency while staying with your business objectives. ​

Case Study

Most popular online Travel Agency in Asia wanted to modernize their legacy mid office system for post booking to reduce number of manual overrides and re-book scenarios.

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