Post Booking Management (App Modernization).




Post Booking Management (App Modernization).

Business Problem

Most popular online Travel Agency in Asia wanted to modernize their legacy mid office system for post booking to reduce number of manual overrides and better integration for refunds, cancel and re-book scenarios.


  • Analyze all online bookings and validate payments, inventory and supplier for fulfilled entitlements.
  • Reduce the length of manual queues using auto correction and smart resolution engine.
  • Provide an API platform to serve tenants beyond one OTA.


  • Payment can be in one currency, settlement and supplier can be in different currency.
  • Right time auto corrections and manage financial aggregations for Revenue realization.


  • Rearchitected entire system by removing unwanted features and adding automations  and provide multi tenant capabilities.
  • Built entire system in a cloud agnostic way.
  • Built a Business API gateway with monetarization and Throttling based on tier model.

Business Outcomes

  • 33 %: Increase in Post Booking Tracking.
  • 20 %: Increase in More efficient revenue realization Reduction in manual.

Tech Stack

  • Payment Integration 
  • GDS integration
  • Kong API Gateway
  • Express & NodeJS
  • React & Redux UI
  • .NET Core micro services
  •  Kubernetes
  •  Docker
  •  Data Visualization
  •  MongoDB
  •  Kafka Events

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