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Empowering Tomorrow with Vision and Purpose


To be the catalyst for transformative innovation at Zapcom and beyond, empowering our customers to thrive in the AI age through emerging technologies and sustainable solutions.


We ignite a culture of innovation and creative problem-solving within Zapcom. By fostering collaboration and investing in emerging technologies like generative AI, we create market-leading products, services, and accelerators that deliver exceptional value to our clients and drive the future of their industries.

Our Process


Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technologies for Breakthrough Innovations


Machine Learning (ML)

Internet of Things (IoT)


Big Data Analytics

Cloud Computing

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated team driving innovation at Zapminds 

Kumar Saurabh Johny

Head of Innovation and AI strategy

Bibin Kumar

Product Lead

Abirami Sukumaran

Technical Advisor

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