Solutions for Airlines Planning & Operations




Solutions for Airlines Planning & Operations

Business Problem

Several airlines wanted to modernize their planning and operations solutions for their flight
scheduling, flight planning, flight operations, crew management, cargo management and
loyalty management. These solutions were implemented for 50+ airlines around the world.


  • Optimize airline flight plan and fuel costs.Optimize crew schedules.
  • Track flights in real-time.
  • Create optimized flight scheduling.
  • Business process consulting and recommendations.


  • Solution changes that impacted crew required buy-in from crew unions.
  • Complex systems integrations with numerous downstream airline systems.
  • Implementing crew rules and government rules of 50+ countries.
  • Integration of the solution with customs agencies.


  • Provided significant cost savings in flight operations and crew for each of the airlines
    through the implementation of optimization engines.
  • Conducted discussions with crew members and incorporated feedback of crew.
  • Implemented flexible rules engine that supported various government and airline
    specific rules.
  • Coordinated with various countries customs agencies to integrate the cargo solution.