DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Zapcom embraces DevOps for efficient, collaborative software development. Our CI/CD ensures fast, reliable code integration, testing, and delivery, fostering agility and innovation. 

Accelerating Excellence Through DevOps

Incorporating DevOps principles, Zapcom fosters a streamlined, collaborative approach to software development, automation, and deployment. Our CI/CD practices ensure rapid and reliable code integration, testing, and delivery, promoting agility, quality, and innovation throughout the development lifecycle.

Our Capabilities

DevOps Integration​

Streamlining collaboration and automation through DevOps principles, enhancing development efficiency. ​

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment​

Ensuring code seamlessly enters a shared repository and automating efficient code deployment to production environments.​

Automation Framework​

Creating robust frameworks for automated testing, deployment, and monitoring to accelerate development cycles.​

Pipeline Optimization​

Enhancing CI/CD pipelines to ensure reliability and faster code delivery.​

Scalable Infrastructure​

Designing resilient infrastructure that scales seamlessly to support CI/CD processes. ​

Monitoring and Feedback Loops​

Implementing continuous monitoring and feedback mechanisms for ongoing process improvement.​

Case Study

A well-established USA subprime lender wanted to modernize their loan origination platform and blueprint.

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