Cloud Migration and Modernization

Zapcom’s cloud migration and modernization strategy represents a strategic evolution, transforming legacy systems into agile, scalable, and innovative cloud-native architecture. 

Evolving Legacy to Cloud Excellence.

At Zapcom, cloud migration and modernization represent a strategic evolution, involving the transformation of legacy systems into agile, scalable, and innovative cloud-native architecture. We meticulously optimize workloads, leverage cutting-edge cloud technologies, and seamlessly integrate solutions to enhance performance and cost-effectiveness, propelling us and our clients into a promising digital future. 

Our Capabilities

Cloud Migration​

Zapcom facilitates the seamless transfer of legacy systems to cloud-native environments, enhancing scalability and agility.

Innovation Integration​

Our services seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge cloud technologies to drive innovation and competitive advantage.​

Data Migration Excellence​

We specialize in secure and efficient data migration to ensure uninterrupted business operations during the transition. ​

Application Modernization​

Zapcom revamps applications for cloud compatibility, enhancing their performance and longevity.​

Disaster Recovery & Continuity​

We design comprehensive cloud-based recovery services to fortify resilience and minimize downtime during unexpected events.​

Case Study

A well-established USA subprime lender wanted to modernize their loan origination platform and blueprint a standardized architecture.

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