Business Scalability




Business Scalability

Business Problem

Fast-growing SaaS based CRM Unicorn with white labeled loyalty management platform is unable to cater to growing client needs as customizations are taking longer. Need to build a middle tier to improve time to market and scalability.


  • Consolidate various authentications.
  • Build a Mobile First Middleware to manage all customer specific configurations.
  • Encapsulate changes to core Services.


  • Managing dissimilar customer needs through set of configurations.
  • Migrating users from different authentication providers.


  • Re-engineered a configuration driven middleware to encapsulate customer specific business rules.
  • Single authorization module to mange different providers.
  • Regional deployments with CDN.
  • Transformed CMS system to be authored using delegation model.

Business Outcomes

  • 23% : Cost Reduction.

Tech Stack

  • NodeJS framework
  • React redux SPA
  • Cognito Driven Authorization
  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS AppSync
  • Headless CMS
  • CloudFront CDN  
  • Multi regiondeployment 
  • AWS DynamoDB 
  • AWS driven