Streaming Analytics




Streaming Analytics

Business Problem

Leading operator of a two-sided marketplace that matches tractor owners to farmers, want to build state of art streaming analytics to identify tractor path and land ploughed.


  • Provide a cost-efficient solution for streaming data every minute by every tractor.
  • Measure accurately the polygons of land that’s ploughed.
  • High throughput data should be handled near real time.


  • Large volumes of data need to be processed by discarding noise.
  • Identify transport path vs services provided.
  • Non SQL database with some level of transaction management.


  • Built a digital product that collects, cleans and analyzes streaming geo-location and vehicle data in real-time. 
  • The application algorithmically detects both the distance and area automatically and invoice the customer for tractor usage. 
  • The application is deployed and operated on AWS.

Business Outcomes

  • 43% : Decrease in Discrepancies.
  • 20% : Reduced manual corrections improved accuracy.

Tech Stack

  • AWS Kinesis
  •  AWS EC2 
  •  AWS RDS  
  •  AWSLambdaDjango
  •  Geometry Engine 
  •  GeoPandas 
  •  PostGIS extensions
  •  Timescale DB
  •  MTurking 
  •  Folium
  •  DynamoDB
  •  AWS Redshift