Early Payroll Payouts

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Early Payroll Payouts

Business Problem

For innovative fintech startups an early payment platform that gives employees access to their earned wages before their monthly pay day, promotes financial freedom and instant gratification, boosts motivation and retention for employers. 


  • Integration with different banks and payroll systems in a standardised manner.
  • UX experience in onboarding and authentication with different ID providers for employees, example Azure AD , Google workspaces, Corp Identity  sources etc.
  • Fastest way to get money into employee account.


  • Hybrid mobile app with native deployments to IOS and Android. Web portal for employees with access to quick withdrawal, history and manage balances. 
  • Serverless native cloud for easy deployment, scalability and cost savings with integrations of payroll and payout systems.
  • Backoffice dashboard for company admins to with ability customize app theme/logo , approve/reject payouts.

Business Outcomes

  • 28% : Customer satisfaction with seamless redemptions.

  • 20% : Profitability through automated payment settlement.

Tech Stack

  • React Native
  • React JS
  • Azure AD 
  • Azure SQL Server 
  • Azure functions  Pulumi
  • App Insights 
  • Azure CDN/blob storage
  • Send Grid