Global Payments

Payments, Rewards & Redemption




Global Payments

Business Problem

DreamTrips vacation club and travel community for adventurers, luxury travel seekers, and everyone in between. They want to offer customers a way to earn and redeem rewards and payments when they dine in restaurants and travel in groups within DreamTrips global supplier network. 


  • Constant challenge with currency conversions and payment types across the globe.
  • Point redemption based on tier of membership.
  • Integrate with different banks and split payments


  • Integrated App with various restaurants in the network to redeem points for dining & ancillaries.
  • Automated entire payment process and reward accumulation in DreamTrips App. In multiple currencies using different payment gateways.
  • Accumulate points instantaneously, removing the manual process of submitting receipts.
  • The merchant of record is shifted from the supplier to DreamTrips.
  • Authoring dynamic cruise packages for group travel, integrations to different travel platforms and customer management are part of solution realization.

Business Outcomes

  • 28% : Customer satisfaction with seamless redemptions.

  • 20% : Profitability through automated payment settlement.

Tech Stack

  • PHP Services.
  • WordPress Content Management.
  • Stripe Payment Integration.
  • Custom Rewards code.
  • MySql DB.
  • In App Notifications.